Reservations and payments are to be made online. All fees quoted are calculated in Japanese yen. Please ensure that your payment card has Foreign Transaction function.

Upon successful transaction, you will receive a receipt for your payment and a copy of the reservation details.
We will send a reservation confirmation e-mail to your registered email address within one working day.
If the transaction is unsuccessful, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.

Check in Method – Self check in:

  • You will need to complete Online Check-in Registration at least one week before check-in. Registration method will be provided in Reservation Confirmation – Notice and Lease Agreement.
  • Upon completion of online check-in, you will receive Key Collection Guide and Password and relevant check-in information.

Our payment service is provided by Stripe. The supported credit/debit cards include: VISA, Mastercards, American Express.
Your payment is inclusive of 4% service fee. Please check the price breakdown at the time of booking.

Cancellation Policy

You may amend reservation 45 days before check-in.
50% cancellations fees applied 45 days before check-in.
No refunds for cancellations made within 45 days of check-in.
Extension of stay for unavoidable circumstance
  • 1. A successful payment is required to secure your reservation.In the event of non-successful transaction, your reservation would be voided.
  • 2. Once a reservation is confirmed, the customer assumes the responsibility for the travel date and accommodation.
    Cancellation policy as followed:
    50% refund after deduction of 4% service fee for cancellations made at least 45 days before check-in.
    No refunds for cancellations made within 45 days of check-in.
  • 3. Room allocation subject to availability on arrival.
  • 4. You may amend reservation 45 days before check-in. No amendment on reservation within 45 days of check-in.
    Note: No reduce in number of dates or make a non-consecutive date booking. An administrative fee of 3000 yen is chargeable each time you make an amendment on reservation.
  • 5. Amendment of reservation is subject to availability.
    No refund on amended reservation with lower room rate. If the amended reservation is of a higher room rate, the difference will have to be paid in order for the amendment to be processed.
  • 6. We shall not be liable for any losses, damages, costs or expenses incurred as a result of any cancellation of the reservation by you.
  • 7. Full amount of reservations are chargeable under the condition of any natural disasters or delay from flight providers in case of no show.
  • 8. Each booking is inclusive 4% service fee. Please refer to price breakdown for details.
  • 9. All fees are calculated in Japanese Yen. Please check with the card issuing bank for currency exchange rate, foreign transaction fees or other related content.
  • 10. We reserve the right to change, amend, modify, suspend, continue or terminate all or any part of the Reservation and Promotion either in an individual case or in general, at any time without notice.

Please contact us for all reservation amendments.

All bookings are inclusive of one time cleaning fee. Cleaning fee caries depending on the room type.

Cleaning fee has been included in the payment at the time of booking. No additional payment is required at check-in.

Our room rate is based on recommended number of staying guest include children and infant,
additional guest is chargeable for ¥1,500 per guest include children and infant.

Storage service is not available.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all properties. Assigned smoking areas are available.

We do not assist in receiving or delivering items.

We hope that you will enjoy and make the most out of the accommodation and facilities we provide during your stay. Guests are required to read and comply the regulations below to ensure a comfortable and safe stay.
If the guest violates any of the following regulations, the management will retain the right to legal prosecution and the right to cancel the accommodation. The details are as follows:

Accommodation Regulations

  1. This property is not for other commercial purposes. Please do not post any unauthorized advertisement inside or outside of the property.
  2. Any unauthorized commercial photo taking in the property is prohibited and we may take legal action if necessary.
  3. When there is a need for cleaning or repair work in the property, we will inform you in advance for delayed entry or to arrange an equivalent property for your stay.
  4. According to the Osaka Special Zone (Tokku) Regulations, the minimum stay is two nights and we will charge a minimum stay of two nights, even if you only stayed for one night.
  5. Do not bring any of the following into the property:
  6. a) any animal or bird, except service dogs;
  7. b) gunpowder, fuel or other explosives or flammable materials;
  8. c) stinking or offensive odors items;
  9. d) unregistered gun or sword;
  10. e) unusually large objects such as large TVs, refrigerators, electrical appliances or other products;
  11. f) illegal drugs or other items and all drugs prohibited by Japanese law.
  12. Gambling or any illegal acts, violations of good customs or causing misfortunes are strictly prohibited in the property.
  13. Do not install other appliances or devices without permission, do not change or move away any furniture or appliances in the property.
  14. Do not bring visitors into the property or hold a meeting or a large party.
  15. Don’t make loud noises or run and jump around in the property to avoid disturbing other residents.
  16. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the property. Assigned smoking areas are available. Cigarette butts should be disposed in the designated area. If found violated, guest may be asked to leave and be fined.
  17. We do not accept parcels or assist in receiving or delivering of online purchases.
  18. If there is tatami room in property, do not place luggage or large weights on the tatami floor mats to avoid damage.
  19. Do not dye hair at the property. The dye may stain the inside of the bathroom. We reserve the right to charge guest for repairs if found.
  20. We refuse to allow members of the extremists to enter our property. After checking in, if we find that the guest is a group or an extremist or a member of the triad, we reserve the right to ask the guest to leave the property immediately under Japanese law.
  21. If there is any damage to items in the property, we reserve the right to claim compensation from guest and fellow travelers.

Safety Regulations

  1. Do not use appliances such as boilers, cooking appliances or any other appliances that may cause fire in the guest rooms. These appliances should be used in the kitchen provided.
  2. Do not cause any fire hazard in the property or in public spaces to protect your safety as well as for the others.
  3. Do not block the hallway with large items or objects to avoid delays in escape during emergency.
  4. Please review the emergency exit instructions posted at the door and familiarize yourself with the emergency escape directions. If necessary, please feel free to contact our customer service for more information on emergency exit and plans.
  5. The property keys should be carried with you at all time. You will not be able to have full access to entrance and exit without the key, which will cause inconvenience.
  6. Please lock the door when you are inside of the property. Check that the door is locked especially before you go to sleep to ensure your safety.
  7. When you leave the property, please make sure the door is locked and that all lights, TV, air-conditioners or any appliances and faucets are securely off to avoid unexpected hazards.
  8. Please do not hang anything outside the balcony to avoid falling objects from the building.
  9. Please keep and carry all personal valuables with you, and do not leave them in the property. We are not responsible and will not accept compensation for any lost or stolen valuables.


You will need to complete Online Check-in Registration at least one week before check-in. Registration method will be provided in Reservation Confirmation – Notice and Lease Agreement.

Upon completion of online check-in, you will receive Key Collection Guide and Password and relevant check-in information.

Check-In After: 4:00 PM.
Check-Out Before: 10:00 AM.

You may put baggage into the property after 1pm for early arrival. Usage of rooms commence after 4pm.
Please contact us before check-in for arrangement.

Free WiFi is available in all rooms. Certain room types are equipped with portable WiFi device.
There is no speed limitation and data usage for the WiFi device, password is provided on the device itself.

You can obtain recycling method from the following documents:

1. Reservation Confirmation – Notice & Lease Agreement
2. Check in Information – Notice & Lease Agreement
3. Guest Information Booklet in room

Designated recycling areas are provided in the content.

We provide guest information booklet in every properties.
It contains WiFi password and access guide for all facilities in room.

There is no cleaning or room service during your stay, please keep the rooms clean and tidy.

We provide electric stove and cutlery for light cooking.
BBQ and steamboat are prohibited, or additional cleaning fees may be charged if found violated.

All rooms and apartments are provided with bathroom amenities, hair dryer, slippers and towels. Please refer to Accommodation page for further information.

Please lower your volume at night and do not run or jump around in the apartment late at night, to avoid disturbing others.

Kindly refrain from doing laundry after 10PM as it produce noises and may result in disturbing the neighbourhoods.


Upon check-out, kindly return the key back to the designated location and inform us of your departure.

Late check-out is not available. A half-day room charge may incur for late check-out.

Under normal circumstances, we will not charge any additional fees to your credit card. However, if the property is found damaged, lost of any items such as WiFi device or furniture in the property, or in violation of any of the terms in the Lease Agreement, we will impose a mandatory compensation fees onto your credit card.